Peter and Annabella Proudlock moved into Te Moana in December 1981. Annabella, a former model, relocated to Jamaica from London in 1966. Recently widowed, she moved from Kingston to Ocho Rios with her two children in 1979, where Peter joined her from Hong Kong via Los Angeles in May 1981, helping to complete the restoration of Harmony Hall. Te Moana (apparently the “beauty and vastness of the ocean” in Tahitian) occupies a unique spot – and the house has blossomed over the years, filled with art and craft from Jamaica and around the world. Alas, cancer took Annabella away in February, 2015.

Like most Britons, I love our animals, and presently have 4 dogs and 2 cats, all of mixed ancestry. Alpha dog is Nero (b. 2007), a Weimaraner/Bull Mastiff/Leopard Hound, who has been known to dominate fellow male, the almost chocolate lab, Coco (b. 2009). Nero is hopelessly in love with equally black half-lab Leila (b. 2010), while Happy is a genuine Jamaican street dog, adopted as a puppy from the Chamber of Commerce car park after hurricanes Dennis and Emily in 2005. The cats - Kayak rules in the Seaside Cottage, and Calico graces us with her presence when she feels like it.

Both cottages were converted from former artisan workshops. The Seaside Cottage was a pottery before Annabella decided to build a bedroom upstairs in 2002, having cleared rampant bush, creating a new garden. Downstairs was later converted to house the living room and kitchen. Over the years steps down to the grotto, an upstairs balcony, a downstairs shower and a new sitting area in the garden were added. The Garden Cottage was built to finish her Annabella (trinket) boxes, and converted in 2004. A private terrace/garden area with a view to the sea is the latest addition. A new deck by the sea was added in 2011. Both cottages are also filled with art and personal touches to make you feel at home.